We are a boutique recruitment agency specialising in IT recruitment and SAP solutions

We have been on the market for three years, however, our team of experts boasts long experience in delivering employees to organisations in Poland and abroad.

The owners of the company have worked in major British recruitment agencies, and we derive our best practices in Candidate and Client service from this market in particular.

Why boutique agency?

Because we provide tailor-made solutions and individual approach to every Client and Candidate.

Some important facts about the company:

  • 2500+ successfully completed IT recruitment processes
  • 300+ permanent and body leasing/TL successfully recruited specialists in the last 3 years
  • 2 teams of specialized recruiters focusing exclusively on IT & ERP recruitment working in 2 technology specialistic verticals
  • Supplier for the world’s largest enterprises Global Fortune 500 from the FMCG, Production, New Technologies, Energy, Biotechnology, Automotive sectors as well as BIG4 consulting companies and software houses
  • 100,000 unique candidates in the database, we use one of the best CRM/ATS systems in the world, additional tools for each recruiter, access to leading ad and social portals in the country and abroad
  • operating speed – a contractor delivered in 24-48 hours, an IT specialist on an employment contract in 5-7 business days
  • “not sell and forget attitude” – checking candidates’ references, excellent managing job postings, feedback, onboarding, candidate and client care throughout the entire cooperation period
  • quality – the highest quality applicants thanks to a comprehensive method of verifying candidates and customer needs. Providing only verified applicants, references, “security checks”, after-sales care
  • price – knowledge of market specifics, local rates
  • building a brand – when recruiting for a client, we promote their company and brand

Our values

as a business partner and employer

Within our company and when working with our Clients,
we are guided by values in which we believe.

They allow us to keep our identity and to be a great
employer and service provider.

Check out what guides us. Maybe we have a similar

  • we have our own opinion and respect the opinion of others
  • we both accept and give feedback
  • we tell the truth, regardless of the circumstances
  • we do not sweep anything under the rug
  • we dress as we feel comfortable
  • we treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • we do not judge
  • we ask, not assume
  • we can appreciate and thank you
  • we can admit a mistake and say sorry
  • we are constantly expanding our knowledge
  • we share it with colleagues
  • …and with our Clients (we want to educate the market)
  • we advise our Clients on the best solutions for them
  • we respect our competitors and learn from them
  • we keep our word
  • we do not promise more than we can deliver
  • we consider the consequences of our actions and decisions
  • we are systematic
  • we sow today to harvest tomorrow
  • we are persistent since we’re not always right the first time 🙂
  • we look for solutions, not problems
  • we support the team and are not afraid to ask for help.

how we work?

the match is the key word for us

you are our Client

Be sure our Candidates match your projects, and also have all the necessary competencies you require. When searching for Candidates for you, we focus not only on their talent but also on the soft skills which will help them adapt well to your organisation.


you are a Candidate

Be sure we will assist you in finding a job opportunity, which will help you grow professionally and live your life the way you want. We will take care of the relations with a prospective employer. We value your time. Our recruiters will guide you through the recruitment process and will keep you informed about ongoing proceedings.

We specialise in IT: Software Development and SAP, and we really like what we do. We strive to be better, constantly expand our knowledge with an aim to raise the standards of our services provided to you.

That is why we invest in market research and analyses, regularly attend conferences, workshops, training courses, and acquire new skills.

why choose us 


We have a wide range of projects within the IT services Outsourcing and full-time employment. Thanks to our technical knowledge and many years of experience, we are aware of the skills and level of involvement required from the specialist at a particular stage of the project.

With our support, you will hire exactly the people you need to do the job at the right moment, or you will land a job on a challenging project which will not interfere with your personal life after working hours.


flexible models of cooperation

We employ specialists in various cooperation models, such as Body Leasing, Managed Services, Full-time Employment, or Team Leasing. We recruit for companies of all sizes in various industries — from FMCG, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical to automotive.



We build lasting relations. We keep in touch with Candidates and monitor their status, as well as check satisfaction from ongoing projects. This regular contact allows us to be up to date with their professional development, as well as personal plans. We know which direction they want to take next. This helps us provide even better recommendations, be better consultants, and help them achieve success.

We ensure a thorough understanding of the specificity and requirements of projects that lie in the field of modern technologies. We deliver. We build a lasting relationship with the Client to become their partner and advisor even in the toughest recruitment situations.


individual approach and expertise

Consultants at Awareson are not only recruiters. These are experts with technical knowledge in their field of work. Therefore, we speak the language of both the Candidates and our Clients. We are capable of identifying their needs and delivering on them.

We seek solutions for each project and each partner individually. We care about your success and positive experience with us. Next time you may look for a change, new projects, or Candidates, we wish to be the ones you reach out to first.